Patient Communication and Patient Flow

The Hospital Futures Act is booming the business of patient portal providers. However, many healthcare institutions give little thought to the consequences of allowing end customers, i.e. patients in the case of hospitals, to interact directly with their possibly different existing systems. Weaknesses in processes, services and technical integrations become immediately apparent to these end customers. So anyone who increasingly opens up to the outside world as part of digital transfomation must keep this in mind to avoid frustration and escalation. Braunschweig Hospital is taking an exemplary approach here and combining the introduction of a patient portal with the introduction of a system for managing capacities and patient flows and having these systems implemented by a consulting firm experienced in process consulting.


Peter Herrmann starts ‘passion4health’

The topic of digitization is a hype. Many can almost no longer hear it. It is however essential to deal with it.  Just in the healthcare industry is considerable pent-up demand. The monitoring report ‚ „Wirtschaft DIGITAL“ of the German Federal Ministry of economy and energy of October 2016 supported these statements and sees the healthcare system behind all other major industries. Tremendous opportunities arise for national and international providers of digital solutions. The structures of the German health system however, are complex. What needs tob e taken into consideration  to ensure business success? For the leaders of healthcare organizations, the hype is often associated with uncertainty. Where do I stand in terms of digitization? What was I to do? With the acquisition of a solution, it is not done.  Digital projects are only successful when the change processes are properly taken into account. With passion4health, I would like to introduce the necessary experience and the national and international network to make the introduction and implementation of digital solutions successful. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Sincerely yours

Peter Herrmann