passion4health supports organizations in exploiting the opportunities of the digital transformation in healthcare. With our in-debth knowledge and experience we help providers of healthcare services to develop and implement digitization strategies. We support software companies and IT-service organizations in positioning their digital offerings in healthcare and we enable international as well as new to trade companies to enter the German healthcare market.


Tapping the full potential of digitization opportunities to make healthcare organizations more successful, ready for the future and secured against risks.


Through tailored management consulting, we help our clients to develop and implement digitization strategies to prepare for the “Digital Age”. Players in healthcare should benefit from the value that digitization can bring to them and manage digital transformation risks properly. For this, we built upon comprehensive international management know-how and an excellent understanding of current healthcare sector challenges. Our outstanding network of industry experts and established partnerships help us to serve various client needs. Achieving measurable results and a foundation for sustainable growth for our clients is the top priority of our consulting and management activities.