Entrepreneurs, who develop digital solutions for the healthcare market

In most western countries healthcare is the largest economic sector. New products and solutions have an enormous growth potential, if well received by healthcare providers and patients. Digitalization results in an acceleration of product development. Start-ups with good ideas can produce innovations with a high attention character card, while keeping management efforts low. This, however, does not guarantee business success. The healthcare market is highly regulated. Those, who (should) finance the introduction of new products, are not necessarily those who benefit from this. Established players build up market entry barriers for new players. Does your solution have the prospect of success? What are the correct application scenarios? Who are your customers? Which additional stakeholders are needed? How should a marketing strategy look like? Are partnerships useful? How do you improve the conditions for the acquisition of investment funds?

passion4health supports start-ups in finding the right answer to these questions. Our long-term industry experience and established networks with key decision makers in the healthcare sector enables us to provide guidance. For some concepts, we offer our service delivery against participation in market success of your solution.