Hospitals and other health service providers who want to optimize their IT strategy and processes

The various healthcare organizations (hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, laboratory and radiology services, medical centers and other outpatient facilities) are with massive challenges. This includes cost pressure, skills shortages, increasing competition and modified patient claims. The digitization continues in the most economic and living areas at a rapid pace. With some delay digitization also conqueres the various areas of the healthcare. New forms of treatment are possible, the analysis of large quantities of data provides a further personalization of medicine, enormous efficiency jumps in the processes are possible while at the same time medical quality improves. But digitization also brings revolutionary changes. The doctor-patient relationship and the possibilities of cross-sector cooperation will change. New models of care are possible and the competition between health service providers will increase. Much of what works today, will soon no longer work or may work differently. Digitization also means investment. What is the correct digitization strategy? What are the right investment fields? What solutions can deliver measurable benefits for patients, turnover and costs. How can a health service organization achieve competitive edge through digitization? How can the organization and employees successfully complete a digital transformation process?

With answers to these questions and the implementation of a tailored strategy you will be supported by passion4health.